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Update August


Inspiration, Transformation, Creation

The last few months we have been experiencing the rare pleasure of being part of a journey, bringing our 200th Anniversary gift to the Mauritshuis, a chandelier to give light and beauty to the entrance of our exhibition hall, to life. 
We saw how Bibi was inspired by the tulips in Mauritshuis paintings, and how that resonated with her appreciation of the tulips in her garden and the beauty they retained even in their transformation while wilting. When most would only see that it was time to relegate the dying tulips to the compost, Bibi saw in the colour and fragile translucence an echo of her work with glass and is making that leap, bringing new life in colour, translucence and form in the fragility of glass to share her vision with us. We look forward with anticipation to continuing the journey with Bibi until November when all who have shared in donating this gift will raise a glass to Bibi and ourselves and opening our eyes to the discarded beauty that surrounds us.

Mary Bentham

Organising Committee Friends Gift 200 Years