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Update September


Last week, after close consultation with the Facilities Department of the Mauritshuis and with Bibi Smit and her technical team, the organising committee for the Friends of the 200th Anniversary reluctantly took the decision to postpone the presentation and unveiling of the chandelier until early next year. Although Bibi Smit is completely on schedule with the blowing of the more than 400 elements, a number of other - mainly technical - factors have influenced our decision. Like so many companies and individuals, we have had to deal with delays for the required mounting materials & supplies and also a lack of manpower. 
One other very unique reason also plays a major role in our museum and has a direct effect on our planning. During an exhibition, or even once the borrowed paintings and artworks are actually in the museum, drilling or any technical work involving heavy equipment is not permitted. This is in accordance with an agreement with the lending party(ies) and the insurance company. As a result there is only a short week available between dismantling one exhibition and the construction of the following one. The Manhattan Masters of the Frick, New York, will open its doors to the Friends on September 28 and will remain until mid-January. 
After these masterpieces have left the building, nothing stands in the way of assembling and hanging the chandelier. 
Of course we are disappointed with the delay but on the other hand, the unveiling provides a really positive start to the new year for both The Mauritshuis and the Friends team. Together we are looking forward with confidence and real anticipation to the installation of the gift in the last week of January and the unveiling and formal handover of the chandelier will take place on Thursday February 2

Organising Committee Friends Gift 200 Years

We will update you on Bibi's progress in December