Let’s light up the Mauritshuis Together!


2 Februari 2023



February 2 and the moment has arrived! 

Each of the 400 hand blown glass elements created by Bibi Smit in her studio have been carefully packed in crates, all ready to be taken to the Mauritshuis. The handcrafted frame (made in Den Bosch) is also ready, the attachment points have been located precisely, the test drilling completed and the special scaffolding required for such a project is ready and waiting. In short, the entire team, including the Mauritshuis Technical Department led by Marty Plas is all set to get to work now that the Manhattan Masters exhibition has been taken down. 

The focus is now on installing this gift from the Friends, in honour of 200 years of the Mauritshuis. The finished creation will hang in all its glory in the atrium entrance to the museum exhibition space. 

All Friends who participated in the gift are invited to the festive unveiling. 


For those of you who have not yet done so, it is still possible to contribute and participate in this exciting and special moment in the history of our Mauritshuis - just click on the link below.

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Here’s how you can help.

As you know, it was a great wish of the Mauritshuis to hang a spectacular chandelier in the atrium near the exhibition hall. We received several beautiful design ideas from which the design created by Bibi Smit was unanimously chosen. (click for information about the artist in the top bar). 
Her wonderful design - more than any other - interpreted the many facets of the flower still lifes that hang in the Mauritshuis, from first budding to curled petals. 
The entire project from start to finish, including all the technical elements and support, has been a purely Dutch event. Thanks to the extraordinary enthusiasm from all involved this project has been a true joy! 
And what we hoped for, we now know for sure, this sparkling and colourful chandelier will continue to surprise, inspire and delight not just our generation but future generations to come. 
We have almost reached our target amount of €70,000, for which we would like to thank all our Donors, Companen, Family Friends and International Friends who have together supported this gift. 

Also our sincere thanks to


  • An amazing and lasting work of art to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Mauritshuis,
  • An inspiring fundraising challenge with the Friends of the Mauritshuis
  • Raise €70,000 for the artwork and installation
  • A unique design by Bibi Smit
  • Illuminated artwork to be installed in the atrium entrance to the exhibition hall
  • Fundraising Challenge runs from May 10 - June 21, 2022

Yes, I would like to participate!

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